Genuine Sheepskin Australian Made Moccasins, UGGs & Rugs!


J&H Eweniq Australian Made Moccasins & UGGs!

From Beveridge to Epping to Melbourne Australia, here we present to you all of our J&H Eweniq Genuine Sheepskin & Certified Australian Made Moccasins for sale on our online shop! This category holds our full catalogue of currently available moccasin slippers and UGGs. Our Classic Moccasins as well as our Limited Edition Moccasins. Then we have our equally Genuine & Certified Aussie Made UGG Boots for men, women and children as well. In addition, shop for supremely comfy and high quality 100% Cotton & 100% Merino Wool Socks. For any questions about our line of J&H Eweniq Moccasins & UGGs, please reach out.

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  • Moccasin Size: Toddler Size 6-7 Max Foot Length 15cm
  • Moccasin Size: Adult Size 6-7 Max Foot Length 24.5cm
  • Moccasin Size: Adult Size 13-14 Max Foot Length 30.8cm