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  • 5 Benefits of Merino Wool Clothing (Moccasins & Beyond)
    5 Benefits of Merino Wool Clothing (Moccasins & Beyond)

    From a comfy pair of woolly wool socks to keep your feet warm, to a large wool blanket you can snuggle under on movie nights, when you see the benefits of merino wool clothing, you realize how amazing this wool is, specifically Merino Wool from Merino Sheep breeds, homegrown Australian sheepskin wool clothing products have many use cases and amazing qualities. Read on to find out 5 fantastic benefits of the wool type, merino, and why it is a perfect clothing material; from moccasins and...

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  • The History Of Moccasins
    The History Of Moccasins

    When you hear the word “moccasins” you likely think about native Aboriginal or American tribes. But moccasins have actually been used across the entire world in various tribes and cultures from the start, and for the same reasons they were used back then, they are still used just as often today!

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  • Why You Should Buy ‘Eweniq’ Merino Wool Socks
    Why You Should Buy ‘Eweniq’ Merino Wool Socks

    Because the label you see on our ‘Eweniq’ 100% Merino Wool Socks has been ripped off and copied numerous times over the years, we decided to find a solution for people in search of real socks and that don't want to deal with this fake ripoff stuff.

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