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5 Benefits of Merino Wool Clothing (Moccasins & Beyond)


benefits of merino wool clothing

What Is Merino Wool?

When it comes to superior quality, Merino wool stands head and shoulders above most others. For hundreds of years, Merino have been some of the most widely sought after and highly prized breeds of sheep. And that’s because this special material has even more fine qualities than wool made from other breeds.

Merino wool feels softer, which makes it more comfortable on the skin compared to other wool types. This material is also more durable, easier to care for, naturally breathable, and comes complete with quick dry qualities. That’s why they call it, The King Of Wools.

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5 Benefits Of Merino Wool Clothing

1) Merino Wool Is Rugged And Long-Lasting

When we think of wool, we usually associate it with comfort and warmth more than any other qualities. But one of the best features of wool is its level of ruggedness and resilience. A little known fact is that wool fibre is a molecular coil-spring. This means it has a high level of elasticity. As such, when you stretch it out, it will simply spring back into shape.

This same characteristic is the reason why wool is also very durable and even tear resistant. Just how durable is it? Well, most militaries around the world use wool to make their uniforms and other military items such as blankets. Clothing attire wouldn’t normally ever need to be more durable than military standards. Merino Wool clothing is extremely durable and rugged.

2) Merino Wool Naturally Cleans & Is Odour Repellent

There aren’t many better feelings than wrapping up in warm clothing to stave off the cold. But sometimes all that insulation can get us a little hot and sweaty. Wool is a much better material than most for dealing with this problem. Research has shown that it is more effective at preventing build-ups of bacteria and in countering bad odours.

Wool fibres are naturally antimicrobial due to the presence of antibacterial fatty acids. This means they decrease bad odours by preventing bacteria from reproducing. As such, you can enjoy wool products for longer than other materials safe in the knowledge that they stay cleaner and smell better for longer!

3) Merino Wool’s All-Weather Properties: Great For Winter AND Summer

Another great quality of all sheepskin wool in general, is its versatility. Whether you are hot or freezing, wool is always a comfortable choice! The material is a great insulator when you are cold. It traps pockets of air close to your body, which prevent the warmth you naturally give out from escaping.

On the other hand though, wool is also useful when the temperatures rise. Due to the fact that wool comes from animals that live in environments with variable temperatures, it has been designed to regulate the heat of the wearer through evaporation. The natural absorbency and breathability of wool means that our perspiration can evaporate easily when we are warm, thereby taking heat from the surrounding area, such as in this case, your skin. Merino wool’s natural softness and feel makes it the most ideal for warmer weathers.

4) Wool Is A Natural, Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Material

Wool products are good for the planet. Many textiles and materials, such as cotton and polyester, have been linked to pollution either through having a high carbon footprint attached to their production or due to being non-biodegradable. Wool production, however, is a low-carbon activity, with the wool itself being 100% biodegradable.

In fact, as wool decomposes over time, it actually increases the nutrient content of the surrounding soil, thereby benefiting the environment. Additionally, sheep grow new fleeces every year, so shearing them for the wool that is required to make your jumpers and blankets is 100% renewable.

This all means you can enjoy your wool items with a clean conscience.

5) Merino Wool Is Naturally Hypoallergenic

Do you ever find yourself coughing or sneezing during summer or in a dusty environment? Do you need to be careful about what you wear because of allergies and reactions to irritants? If so, wool could be the material for you.

Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic substance. This means it causes fewer allergic reactions than most other materials. As such, wool is perfect for people who have particularly sensitive skin or worry about allergies. Examples are people with asthma or eczema conditions. It is also very inhospitable to dust mites and is resistant to mould/ mildew. Few materials can compare to wool in this regard.

Merino Wool: The Perfect Material For Moccasins, Baby Rugs & Blankets

It doesn’t get much better than a warm blanket with a hot drink and book or tv show in the cold winter months. The obvious choice for a warm blanket is one made from wool. What’s more, if you love snuggling up by the fire, wool is the ideal blanket material to use. It is naturally fire resistant, which makes it a much safer option near an open fire than blankets made from other textiles.

Because wool automatically regulates its internal temperature creating a microclimate for the wearer, it’ll help you warm right up when you’re cold. And it will cool your temperature when it starts to get a little too hot.

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