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How To Spot Fake Uggs (5 Ways)


When it comes to Uggs, you want to know how to spot fake ugg boots from the true, authentic Australian Made ones. No one wants counterfeit ugg boots. Not only are you missing out on the long-lasting, comfortable boot you thought you were buying but you could be exposed to products that can pose a health risk.

But how do you tell if uggs are real or fake? Look out for these clues.

5 Ways to Ensure The Ugg Boots You’re Buying Are Real

Some counterfeit products are difficult to tell apart from a genuine one but it’s much easier when you know what to look for. It takes high quality products and craftsmanship to make a genuine ugg - two things that counterfeiters rarely invest in.

1. Quality-Check the Ugg Boot Manufacturing

Highly skilled machinists are employed to make Australian Ugg boots. Counterfeit boots usually have poor quality stitching. Where multiple joins meet, the stitching is more likely to be missing or messy. Genuine Ugg boots don’t leave the factory if the boots aren’t up to standard. Our Australian made Uggs are made by skilled, experienced and local Australian boot makers to meet the stringent Ugg quality control measures.

Whether it’s our tiny baby booties or adult Ugg boots , they’re all expertly handcrafted with neat, even-stitching, all over the boot.

2. Check the Ugg Boot Packaging

Genuine ugg boots are sold in good quality packaging. Counterfeit boots are often sold in boxes that are made of thin cardboard. The poor quality of cardboard and lack of protective wrapping means the box and the product inside are a little worse for wear. Fake boots have made the long journey by sea so there’s greater chance of packaging damage. Australian made boots have clocked up far fewer kilometres before you receive them.

3. Quality-Check Ugg Boot Materials

The products used in counterfeit boots aren’t as high quality as an Australian made Ugg boot. One of the best indications for real vs fake Uggs is the lining of the boot.


An Australian made boot uses thick, double-faced sheepskin where the suede side is suitable for facing (the boot’s outer). Counterfeit boots may use a cheaper synthetic product rather than sheepskin. Wool doesn’t pull away from the lining like synthetic fibres do. Give the lining of the boot the pull test to know it’s genuine wool.

Genuine sheepskin is one layer while fake Uggs often have two layers with the faux sheepskin stitched to a cow or sheep suede. If you place your hand inside the boot and use your other hand to pinch from the outside of the boot, you may be able to feel two separate layers in counterfeit boots. Some counterfeits even have a third foam layer to make the synthetic wool feel more comfortable.

Even worse than synthetic wool are the furs some counterfeit manufacturers use. Testing of trims and linings of fake boots imported into the UK have found them to be mink and the domesticated raccoon-dog. There are reports of raccoon-dogs being farmed in terrible conditions and even skinned alive in China.


The sole of counterfeit boots is often rigid so it doesn’t bend or flex. When holding the boot in your hand, you should be able to push the toe of the boot up from the underside. The lack of flexibility means counterfeit boots aren’t as comfortable to walk in.

4. Strong Smell of the Boots

If Ugg boots have a strong smell straight out of the box, it’s most likely they aren’t genuine. Faux sheepskin, cheap glues and dyes can give off unpleasant odours. So if you can smell a synthetic, chemical, plastic or paint odour, the boots were most likely made overseas using cheap, often nasty products.

Counterfeit boots can contain unsafe levels of the chemicals chromium-6 and formaldehyde which are used in the manufacturing process. Every time the buyer wears the boots, their body is exposed to the chemicals.

Natural sheepskin ugg boots have no noxious smells, but they do have a different scent distinct to newly handmade Uggs.

You may notice our boots and moccasins have a sweet-glue smell. This is the glue used for the sole which dissipates quickly. Some people have described it like a quality paint texta smell. It’s only noticeable because most customers receive their boots very soon after manufacture.

Our ¾ Uggs come in three colours, chestnut, grey and black, which are produced using high quality dyes that are completely safe.

5. Ugg Comfort Level is also a Telling Factor

Of course, the most obvious tell-tale sign is how the boot feels when you pull it on. There’s nothing quite like stepping into an Australian made ugg boot. A synthetic fibre will never provide the natural, soft feel that only sheepskin offers.

Ensure You Avoid Fakes & Buy Real, Authentic Australian Made Ugg Boots

Real Ugg Boots Vs Fake ones has been a problem for many years. If it’s important to you to know that the ugg boots you buy are made in Australia using Australian sheepskin, look for the Australian made logo. Products can only carry the iconic logo if the business applies and are approved to use the Australian made logo .

J&H Eweniq’s Ugg Boots are certified Australian made. The Australian made swing tag on our boots gives buyers peace of mind that their boots were manufactured here in accordance with Australia’s workers’ rights. If you buy counterfeit boots, you may unwittingly support a factory that employs children or treats their workers unfairly.

Check out our collection of Australian Made UGG Boots . If you have any queries about real uggs Vs fake, don’t hesitate to call us on 0400 883 929 or contact us online .

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