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Top 10 Hand-Picked Most Unique Moccasins By J&H Eweniq


View what many say are the most unique moccasins in Australia with our hand-picked list of fun and unique moccasin slippers. All proudly made by hand here at our Beveridge, VIC factory, using only local pure Australian sheepskin.

From natural sheepskin print-top moccasins slippers using your most cherished family dog picture, to authentic Gucci canvas material repurposed with genuine sheepskin for moccasins, we have some of the most unique styles in Australia. You're sure to fall in love with one or more!

We love being able to create, hand make and sell moccasins in Australia. Moccasins are perfect all year long. They're perfect for winter and for summer.

Whether you have one absolute favourite pair of mocs, or like to rotate through different style moccasins slippers throughout the year, you can do either ALL YEAR LONG with J&H Eweniq Moccasins.

This article is just a small selection of our full sheepskin moccasins range. These are some of the most unique moccasins you’ll find that are genuinely made and high quality.

Read on to see what we think are some truly unique hidden gem of moccasins!

The 10 Most Unique Moccasins Australia Wide!

Each hand-picked unique moccasin is handmade in Australia using Australian pure sheepskin. Narrowing it down to only 10 isn't easy because there are so many great unique pairs. It could easily be 10 different pairs on this top 10 list.

Browse our full shop catalogue to see which you would have in this top 10 most unique moccasins list.

To start off, here is one of our newest pairs of handmade moccasins at J&H Eweniq.

1. Gucci Canvas Repurposed Moccasins

gucci moccasins

Repurposed Gucci Canvas Sheepskin Moccasins are now available. 

Get yours here: Gucci Moccasins

Our Gucci Canvas Repurposed Moccasins are handcrafted with genuine Australian sheepskin combined with real Gucci handbag canvas. These are beautifully made and their pure sheepskin materials blend naturally and go perfectly with the Gucci canvas repurposed as moccasin tops.

Watch the cut up here: https://vimeo.com/578929502

2. Dog Breed Moccasins

dog breed moccasins

Buy Now: Eweniq Dog Moccasins

Here we currently feature Pug slippers and Bulldog slippers made with the same sheepskin as our other style moccasins. Keep checking back for more dog breeds as they become available.

Please get in touch for special requests for your dog.

3. Just Dad Moccasins

dad moccasins

Buy Now: Just Dad Moccasins

Whether Dad’s a believer in moccasins or not, it may be time to get him converted. He won’t be able to say no to this thoughtful gift once he holds these hand made sheepskin moccasins in his hands and feels their quality. And after putting them on all the fuss about moccasins will all finally make sense. He’ll forever be thankful for his great gift just for him.

4. Rainbow Moccasins

Buy Now: Rainbow Moccasins

Bring happiness wherever you go with your feet! These beautiful, hand-stitched pair of Rainbow Moccasins are as comfortable as they are unique. You'll love slipping your feet into the soft, luxurious rainbow patterned authentic Australian sheepskin.

5. Glow Skull Moccasins

Buy Now: Glow Skull Moccasins

Not only are these Glow Skull Moccasins awesome because they’re genuine sheepskin with a skull on them. But they’re also Glow-in-the-Dark!

These Glow Skull Moccasins would make a perfect, memorable gift for the ones that these would be right up their alley. Certified Made In Australia with a GID (Glow-In-The-Dark) Skull print top, these are made with black suede and a pure Australian sheepskin lining.

- Check out how awesome these Black Sugar Skull moccasins are too: Black Sugar Skull Moccasins. You may love these Black Sugar skull slipper's style even more than the GID Skull mocs!

6. Ewe Build Moccasins

lego moccasins

Buy Now: Ewe Build Moccasins

These make a perfect gift for your little lego builders or the wise adult in your life that never gave up on them. We have toddler, children, men and women’s sizes available in these Ewe Build Moccasins.

7. Red Sakura Moccasins

red sakura moccasins

Buy Now: Red Sakura Moccasins

Walk in elegance with these beautifully patterned genuine sheepskin moccasins. The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Cherry blossoms enjoy an elevated status worldwide. But in Japan, the Sakura flower is cherished like nowhere else.

The national flower of Japan, the cherry blossom – or Sakura, represents a time of renewal and optimism. The pops of pink mark the ending of winter and signify the beginning of spring. Due to their quick blooming season, cherry blossoms also symbolize the transience of life, a major theme in Buddhism.” - From Shogun, on the meaning of Sakura.

8. Spaced Out Moccasins

Buy Now: Spaced Out Moccasins

There is no better way to enjoy a space documentary. With these Spaced Out Moccasins on, you can turn any Cosmos doc or Star Trek episode into a full body experience. Kick back, relax and binge out on any sci fi series the right way, wearing Eweniq Spaced Out Moccasins.

9. Ram Dom Moccasins

ram dom moccasins

Buy Now: Ram-dom! Moccasins

Looking for some multi coloured moccasins? With Ram-dom! Moccasins you never know what you’re going to get! These colourful moccasins feature our signature 100% suede and pure sheepskin lining… but in RANDOM colours.

Yes, these take “unique” to a whole new level by adding the element of chance! Take your chances on a mishmash pair of high quality mocs! The only guarantee is how much you’ll love them (as well as our

10. Custom Print Moccasins

custom moccasins

Let your little furry loved ones know how much you love them by wearing a pair of dog moccasins around the house.

These custom moccasin slippers have a sheepskin lining and come in your choice of color.

Learn More: Custom Moccasins

More Unique Moccasins Should Be On This List

The whole point of making a best-of list is to single out the best options within a concise list. This makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, saving you time and helping you see all our products.

But when it comes to the most unique moccasins, there are so many more that should and could be on this list.

Like these Dreamcatcher Pure Sheepskin Moccasins:

dreamcatcher moccasins

From Crocodile to Hot Pink, Peacock, Ram Dom mix and match random colour moccasins, Metallico and more. Both our moccasin slippers ranges are full of fun and unique sheepskin moccasins.

View All Unique Moccasins & J&H Eweniq

Take a look through ALL our unique moccasins at J&H Eweniq by browsing our Classic and Limited Edition ranges.

1. Limited Edition Moccasins - The most unique moccasins that once are gone, are truly gone.

2. Classic Moccasins - Feature various distinct as well as vibrant colour options that are unique, but not as high risk of being sold-through and out of stock on.

Ultimately being unique means something different for everyone. Your top choices will depend on your own personal tastes and/or wardrobe. If you're looking for a special gift for someone or something unique for yourself, we hope this list of unique moccasins will help you in your search.

Choose Handmade In Australia Over Imported Moccasins Made With Foreign Materials

All J&H Eweniq Moccasins are made by hand here in Australia with 100% Australian Sheepskin. They're comfortable, warm, and easy to slip on and off as you need them. Check out all our different styles of moccasins available Australia-wide.

Genuine Moccasins Offer Genuine Benefits:

- Naturally water-resistant

- Great for absorbing heat and moisture, and naturally anti-bacterial and odour-resistant.

Are you in Victoria? Try Them On, See and Feel!

If you're in the Beveridge, North Bendigo, Wallan, or Lakes Entrance areas, come visit us! We're at our Moccasin Factory in Beveridge from Tuesday to Friday, 10am-3pm. View our Stores Page to see days and hours for all locations with Eweniq sheepskin moccasins for sale.

- The Bendigo Showgrounds Market

- Wallan Olde Time Market

- Footbridge Camping & Disposals

At J&H Eweniq we have have a pair of truly unique moccasins that will be perfect for you as a gift to yourself or someone else. And if you have any suggestions for us, please let us know!

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