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Why You Should Buy ‘Eweniq’ Merino Wool Socks


Why You Should Buy ‘Eweniq’ Merino Wool Socks

One unfortunate fact when it comes to merino wool socks, is that many are not authentic. They say, "merino", but they are not real Merino wool socks.

That's where Eweniq comes in.

Because the label you see on our ‘Eweniq’ 100% Merino Wool Socks has been ripped off and copied numerous times over the years, we decided to find a solution for people in search of real socks and that don't want to deal with this fake ripoff stuff.

The solution?

We teamed up with the original owner and manufacturer of this label and sock and have created a new label for you to look for when you buy Merino Wool Socks. 

Traditionally, this sock has had ‘MERINO’ printed on it, but due to so many foreign-made copies which normally don’t contain anywhere near the amount of wool mention on the label (if any), we have decided to have our Eweniq Wool Socks printed with ‘EWENIQ’ right on them.

Eweniq Merino Wool Socks Khaki

This is a guarantee that you are buying 100% Certified Australian Made Socks with actual wool they are meant to be made from!

Due to the manufacturing process, at times we may only have ‘MERINO’ branded socks available. These are made to the same specifications as our ‘EWENIQ’ branded socks.

So if you see 'EWENIQ' or 'MERINO' tags and you're buying them from us.. then you know these are 100% authentic, Australian Made Merino Wool Socks.

We are more excited than ever about teaming up with the original Merino Sock manufacturer.

Ready to shop for real wool socks?

View our EWENIQ Sock collection here! (look for the EWENIQ print. These are the 100% authentic wool socks).

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