About J&H Eweniq Moccasins In Beveridge, VIC

About J&H Eweniq Moccasins

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Who are we at J&H Eweniq Moccasins?

100% Handmade Sheepskin Moccasins, Ugg Boots, Rugs & Socks!

J&H Eweniq Moccasins is a small Australian Owned and operated business located on the outskirts of Melbourne, in Beveridge, Victoria. We are a handmade moccasin manufacturer specialising in a wide selection of colours and sizes. You can also have them "made to order" with our Custom Moccasins.

Yes, you can create your own moccasins! These are the same superior quality, hand made with Genuine Sheepskin. Choose your own personalised printed design top in natural suede. And pick your own colour. The lining is made from 100% pure sheepskin in your preferred color. Our catalogue of Sheepskin Moccasins includes:

In addition to our Certified Australian and Truly Hand Made Moccasins, we have AIC Sheepskin Uggs, supremely soft and comfy Sheepskin Rugs and Merino Wool and 100% Cotton Australian Made Socks.

Buy Moccasins Direct From Our Victoria Factory

J&H Eweniq Moccasins Australia Many Colours and Designs!

Buy Moccasins Direct From Our Victoria Factory

We sell directly to the public out of our factory.

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J&H Eweniq Moccasins
1840 Merriang Rd
Beveridge VIC 3753 Australia