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Top Moccasin Faqs
Where are your moccasins made?

We make our moccasins in our factory located in the little town of Beveridge, Victoria, Australia.

Our factory address:

J&H Eweniq Moccasins 1840 Merriang Rd Beveridge VIC 3753 Australia

Our factory location map:

What are your moccasins made of?

Outer is cow suede, inner is lined with 100% pure sheepskin.

Why sheepskin?

So many benefits to sheepskin over synthetic products. The thermal properties of sheepskin allow for warmth in the winter and they remain cool during Summer. Sheepskin naturally contains lanolin, often found in moisturisers and even leather conditioners. Lanolin makes sheepskin super comfortable to wear. Read more about the benefits of merino wool clothing.

Are your moccasins non-slip?

Although not certified as ‘non-slip’, our moccasin soles feature a diamond finish which allows for grip. We have worked closely with our sole supplier to develop this diamond finish and have many repeat elderly customers for this reason!

Can your moccasins be worn outside?

Moccasins are made for indoors only. Although you could technically wear them outside, you will ruin them and void any warranty.

How long do your moccasins last?

This is the trick question! This all depends on how much you wear your moccasins and how you look after them. Average daily wear of a couple of hours a day, while taking care of your moccasins, i.e. not going outside in them, can get you many years wear, some reporting back up to 4 years on occasion! In saying that, we have many customers who like to change them every few months, but the majority get a new pair every year.

Can you wash your moccasins?

Yes! Hand wash in cool water using a gentle wool wash. Allow to drip dry naturally in complete shade or towel dry slowly. Using hot water or drying sheepskin in direct sunlight will ruin your moccasins. Brush out fur when nearly dry to fluff up again.

Do sheepskin moccasins smell?

Sheepskin has a light, pleasant smell created by the lanolin, a natural organic substance found in sheepskin. Unpleasant smells and odours can develop depending on how smelly each individual’s feet are.

My moccasins are dyeing my feet. How can I stop it?

Colour transfer may occur if wearing your moccasins with damp feet or if you have sweaty feet. A thin all-natural fibre sock can help reduce the transfer of dye in these instances. Check out our 100% Cotton socks for something suitable.

My moccasins have developed an odour. What can I do?

Baking soda! Put 1 tablespoon into each slipper and leave for minimum 24 hours. Just shake excess and off you go.

How does the sizing work?

For a complete explanation of how our sizing works, please check out our Eweniq Moccasins Size Chart. Have a read of the information and use the chart to help guide your decision.

Questions About Our Location
Where is the factory?

The factory address is 1840 Merriang Road Beveridge Vic 3753 More information is available on our STORES page.

Is the factory open to public?

The factory is open to public for direct sales, Tuesday to Friday 10am-3pm. For appointments outside these hours, please get in contact 0400 88 39 29 and we will do our best to accommodate.

Are your moccasins available anywhere other than the factory and the website?

Yes! We frequent many markets around Victoria where we have a selection of our range available. For further details please check our STORES page and follow our Eweniq Facebook page for market schedules.

Ugg Boots Faqs
Where are your Ugg Boots Made?

We source our J&H Eweniq Ugg Boots from tried and tested Certified Australian Made manufacturers. With such a large influx of foreign made Ugg Boots (which unfortunately now includes “Ugg Australia” after having been bought out by an American giant!), we want to be sure our customers have access to Genuine Australian Made Ugg Boots. From Classics such as our Women's Ugg Slippers to our Tall Ugg Boots, all of our Uggs are superior quality and 100% are absolutely made in Australia. You will find no imports from any other country at J&H Eweniq.

How can foreign made Ugg Boots, have Ugg on them?

The American giant which trademarked our ‘Traditional’ word for sheepskin boots, all around the world, then started to have them mass produced in countries such as China. Hence the words Ugg on foreign made sheepskin boots. We give some tips in our article, How To Spot Fake Uggs.

Are your Ugg Boots available outside of Australia?

No! Our Ugg Boots are available ONLY to Australian Residents.

What are your Ugg Boots made of?

Our Ugg Boots are made of Double Face Sheepskin.

What is the preparation time for the Ugg Boots?

Preparation time for Ugg Boot orders are 5-10 business days.

Merino Wool Socks Faqs
Why ‘Eweniq’ branded Merino Wool socks?

The label you see on our ‘Eweniq’ branded Merino Wool socks, has been ‘ripped off’, ‘copied’, numerous times over many years. We have teamed up with the original owner and manufacturer of this label/sock and very excited about it!

Traditionally, this sock has had ‘MERINO’ printed on it, but due to so many foreign made copies, which normally don’t contain anywhere near the amount of wool mention on the label (if any), we have decided to have ours printed with ‘EWENIQ’.

This is a guarantee that you are buying Certified Australian Made Socks with the content they are meant to have!

Due to the manufacturing process, at times we may only have ‘MERINO’ branded socks available. These are made to the same specifications as our ‘EWENIQ’ branded socks.

Ordering, Postage, Shipping Faqs
I can see something is orderable online. Does that mean you have it in stock at the factory?

Not necessarily. All our orders are cut, well, to order! We have some stock available at the factory but the online store does not represent stock on hand.

How long will my moccasins take to put together?

Preparation time on every order is 3-6 business days. We cut each required piece and assemble your order, by hand, in our little factory in Beveridge.

Who is your carrier?

We currently work with Australia Post for deliveries of our products.

How long is delivery time?

For most parts of Australia, it is 3-7 days. This can vary and be a little longer for remote areas. View our delivery information page, here.